Muzaffar Sadykov (Oshpaz Authentic Uzbek Street Food)


I am Muzaffar Sadykov, 38 years old. I was born in Osh city, Kyrgyzstan Central Asian. I am chef, founder of OshPaz/Secrets of The Silk Road.

When I work as a chef at the restaurant, I have always noticed what a street food great opportunity it is to introduce people who never knew before about our traditional Uzbek cuisine to its rich flavours. This and because it’s a long term ambition of mine, I have decided to open a new street food and catering business called OSHPAZ Authentic Uzbek Street Food. It is first Uzbek street food in London and Europe.
We are cooking our traditional dish Plov – Artisanal rice-based dish, with fresh, slow cooked lamb, carrots, onions, garlic and herbs and traditional Central Asian spices.

Nowadays I have four stalls in Central London to lovers Authentic test.
“Get a taste of Oshpaz and discover the flavours and spices of the Silk Road.”