Teresa Guanique (FLAWA Festival of Latin American Women in Arts)


Teresa Guanique is a Sociologist who studied and nationalised in Spain and now living in London, where she created FLAWA.

FLAWA is the Festival of Latin American Women in Arts. The festival expose the arts created by women in four areas: film, music, literature and visual arts. This initiative combines women that have developed art work in London and internationally, the main objective of the festival is to reduce the gender gap in the art industry and visibilise the quality and talent of women in these areas.
This festival gathered 2,000 people on its first edition in May 2019, throughout 5 days, showing the work of 68 artists in five venues of the UK capital. It created an almost unique space in the city where people from different cultures and cultural backgrounds including British population enjoyed high quality creations in spaces where women’s art has not normally been exhibited. It was considered a successful initiative by critics, institutions and community alike.