Denis Kondopoulos (Naxtech)


Denis is an award-winning and highly qualified ((MBA, MBCS CITP, CEng, CIM, Google Certified) digital and technology specialist with over 20 years of experience in digital and the internet.  He is passionate about technology and focuses greatly on ROI and customer satisfaction.  He has worked in a variety of sectors (from transport and defence to hospitality and pharmaceuticals), project and team sizes, and enjoy managing stakeholders and communicating with a wide variety of people at all organisational levels, from ground level staff to board executives.

Denis has founded and created a software product for the hospitality industry that allows for use in multiple industries and business scenarios  from  online food ordering and portals, to self-service ordering and table bookings with pre-ordering.   What’s more the system can also be embedded and integrated with other applications and have its functionality extended.  This can be anything from mobile apps to POS systems and more.