Mercy Maina (Europe-Kenya Shipping Company)


Our company Europe-Kenya Shipping Company exists since June 2014. The founder is i Mercy Maina, 34 Years old from Kenya. I came to germany in 2009 .

Europe-Kenya Shipping Company was founded in June 2014. We ship for Kenyans living in the European Union to Kenya. Our customers are companies, universities and private individuals from France, Austria, Germany, Belgium , Swissland and from other European union countries. We are based in Coppenbrügge, 42 Km from Hannover. We give back to the society in different ways. Number one is that our services are used by different companies and people to send goods to Africa to the people in need. In Kenia, when the goods arrive we look for needy women, who we help by giving them employment for a short period of time. We educate two girls in Kenya. We have also helped in the building of a church in Kenya