Sally Ghannoum (Dilbi Restaurant)


I am Sally Ghannoum a 39 years old Syrian singer and a filmmaker.

I have opened a Syrian artistic restaurant in Antwerp called Dilbi, which was a cultural project in Syria in 2013 the second year of Civil war in Syria in Mashta Al Helou. Dilbi is a 400 years old tree, in 2013 a branch was broken and we made a statue out of that branch and we called it the statue of Birth, during the work in progress it was the first Dilbi cultural festival which welcomed all Syrian refugees all around Syria. That is why I called my restaurant Dilbi, it is also sharing culture and art through food, my husband Issam Youssef is an engineer and a well known poet he is the cook, he creates poems through our authentic dishes. Our restaurant is well known in Antwerp and we are number 1 on trip advisor. I make concerts and workshops about Dilbi. Now our small crew is getting bigger having more Syrian staff on board. My restaurant is a project for integration, exchanging culture and a cosy atmosphere that makes everyone feels home.